Home Listing 提示 That Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know





所以,现在你有了一个清单,你如何销售它? Here are the 5 home listing tips that every real estate needs to know to sell a home.

小提示# 1:准备

Preparation is crucial when it comes to selling your listings. The first thing you have to do is to sit down and talk with your sellers. Explain to your sellers how their property should be presentable for their prospects.


You can best prepare a home listing by cleaning and depersonalizing it. This way, it will be easier for the buyers to imagine themselves living in the property. 因此,它将有更高的机会被出售.

Remember that 作为他们的上市代理人, it is your job to be direct. You want to give them good and critical advice that is going to help them improve their property.

但是,确保你找到了正确的平衡. 你不会想要直言不讳,让人泄气的. 记住要在帮助客户的同时工作.


Your home listing must look good on the inside and outside. Curb appeal gives your prospects’ first impression on the listing.

Whenever a prospect drives by the property, they will form an opinion of the house. How the exterior of the house looks will determine the prospect’s opinion.

这房子外表干净吗? 前院有人照看吗? 房子需要油漆吗? 这就是未来的前景. 干净的房子会吸引潜在的客户.

You would want the exterior of your home listing to grab people’s attention. Try to pique their curiosity, and make them want to take a look at the inside.


雇佣一个 私人检查员 在展示之前可以帮助你发现结构问题. It will allow you to make the necessary repairs to the home or give you a list of disclosures for the buyer.

小提示# 2:定价

One of the most important steps of listing a home is valuing it.

卖家可能会有不切实际的期望. They often overprice their home to get the biggest profit.

谁能责怪他们呢? They have an attachment to the property and this is their biggest investment.

但是,你的工作也是教育你的卖家 定价策略 作为他们的上市代理人.

Overpriced homes run the risk of losing the attention of potential buyers. But, underpriced homes will short-change the seller the best deal possible. An accurate home price attracts more buyers while giving your sellers the best deal.

小提示# 3:广告

Don’t forget to spread the good news about your new listing. Generally, you can advertise your listing through four avenues.


This is your database of people in your immediate network. 你可以被动地点击你的 的势力范围 通过谈论你的新上市来寻找线索. 也, you can post it on your social media and your friend might message you that they’re interested.

A more direct approach is contacting your 的势力范围. If you know someone who is home searching, then drop them an email, text, or phone call.


Let the entire neighborhood know and place a “for sale” sign in the front yard. 你也可以张贴传单或寄明信片. The goal you should adopt is to create a buzz in the neighborhood.


如果你正在与经纪公司合作,在那里做广告. Attend meetings or town halls and inform them of your home listing. This way, you’re already selling the property to other agents as well as their sphere.


最大的市场是互联网. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database of listings that every agent has access to. Upload great property pictures and videos along with the listing. It’s all about selling the property and its unique features.

Don’t forget to make your contact information clear and easy to find. That way, people know who to contact if they’re interested in purchasing.

小提示# 4:沟通

You have to keep the communication open with you and your sellers. As their listing agent, it is your job to be transparent. 这一点在展映时尤其重要.

For open houses, you want your sellers out of the house. Prospective buyers can feel self-conscious if they know the homeowner is looming around the corner. Create an environment that makes them feel comfortable to voice their opinions.

Maybe they don’t particularly like the color of the walls or the furniture? If your sellers are around and someone criticizes their home, they might get offended. This may start an argument or create prejudice with your sellers, which you don’t want to happen.

你需要做的另一件事 与卖家沟通 是当你收到录用通知的时候.

Sit down with your sellers to talk about the offers you get. 不管多少钱, you are legally obligated to present all offers you receive to your sellers.

冰山# 5:谈判


Negotiations shouldn’t be a clash of parties nor should they be a competition. These are meetings held to see how both parties can leave the deal happy. Remember that you must remain professional as you are still dealing with a buyer.

If you lose your professionalism over a negotiation, your buyer might back out.


At the end of the day, your job as a listing agent is to find the right buyer at the right price. Your sellers are entrusting their biggest investment to you. 他们指望你卖掉他们的房子. 要做到这一点, 你必须有能力把房产卖掉, 沟通, 以专业的态度进行谈判.

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